The EmpowerED Program

T-Mobile’s EmpowerED program aims to narrow America’s homework gap by providing off-campus devices and data plans to students at eligible schools and districts. To apply, download the application and share how this program would benefit your students.

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Program details


Many families in the U.S. don’t have high-speed Internet at home. This problem is called the Digital Divide. But to succeed academically and compete in today’s digital world, every student needs equal access to online learning. Without this access, disconnected students can fall behind their wired peers, creating the Homework Gap.



Mobile access has the power to close the Homework Gap. T-Mobile plans to narrow the divide with EmpowerED™, a program that provides wireless devices and service plans to help students and schools succeed.

Program offer

EmpowerED Mobile Equipment includes:

  • Free and/or subsidized mobile internet equipment: Up to $200 total toward mobile Internet equipment, per participating student
    • Mobile Internet equipment may include: a hotspot, Chromebook, tablet, data stick, laptop or other device

EmpowerED Mobile Data Plans include:

  • Two-year contracts for one of the following discounted education data plans:
    1. 2GB for $10: Up to 2GB of high-speed data, followed by data at reduced speeds up to 128kbps. T-Mobile will waive the $10 service charge for the 2GB plan for the applicants that demonstrate the highest need. T-Mobile will award a limited number of waivers at its sole discretion.
    2. T‑Mobile ONE Unlimited LTE for $20: Unlimited on-device 4G LTE data.

Video typically streams on T-Mobile device at DVD quality (480p). On all T-Mobile plans, the small fraction of customers using over 50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Tethering at max 3G speeds. Sales tax and regulatory fees included in monthly service price.

EmpowerED Service and Support includes:

  • Planning, implementation, and deployment support.
  • Content filtering, which helps prevent access to adult content. EmpowerED participants may choose one of these options at no additional charge:
    • Web Guard, which filters http web page content on our network.
    • WebTitan by TitanHQ™, a third-party product which can filter even secured (https) traffic at the domain level.

Students and their families will not be required to pay any money for devices and/or wireless service received through this program.

Eligibility criteria

T‑Mobile is now accepting applications from elementary, middle, and high schools, and districts across the U.S. The criteria for participation in this program are:


  • Individual schools targeted to receive funding have Title 1 designation.
  • At least 40% of students receive free or reduced lunch at each school.
  • Each school is located in an area where T‑Mobile has 4G LTE coverage over at least 80% of the school’s geographic enrollment zone. T‑Mobile will validate eligibility for this requirement; to see coverage in your area please check our coverage map.


  • At least 15% or more of students are dropping out of high school (aggregate for all high schools if a school district is applying).
  • At least 15% of students are not grade-level proficient in math and reading by the 9th grade (aggregate for all high schools if a school district is applying).

T‑Mobile will select participants based on the criteria, application, and the interview described under “How to apply.”

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Submit your application to EmpowerED@t‑
  3. All applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will be invited to participate in a phone interview. Following the interview, applicants will be informed as to whether their application has been approved. Program eligibility and approval is determined at T‑Mobile’s sole discretion.

Your responsibilities

T‑Mobile is committed to the success of this program, and that means measuring impact. If your school district is approved, T‑Mobile will work with you to collect data from all students with access to off-campus mobile broadband access.

Your school district will need to:

  • Commit to training relevant teachers and administrators on how best to utilize the devices and service.
  • Provide annual aggregated data by grade level at each school, including ELA proficiency, math proficiency, and tardiness/attendance. Your school’s current data collection process and metrics are sufficient. T-Mobile is not asking for new metrics that are not already part of your reporting process.
  • Conduct two anonymous online surveys, created by T-Mobile, about student technology usage with students and teachers. The first survey will be administered prior to the student receiving access and the second will be held at the end of the school year.